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Serious Bigfoot Research

After a 5 year quest to explore the bigfoot phenomenon, Florida Bigfoot Researches have determined adequate evidence is lacking to justify continued research with the hypothesis of the existence of a large bipedal hominin or ape-like creature in Florida. Eye-witness testimony has been found to be unreliable and inadequate for independent verification. Further, human hoaxing by the use of fur suits has been documented as well as hoaxing of large humanlike prints identical to those presumed to be made by bigfoot/sasquatch/skunk ape as found in the literature.

Widespread hoaxing,mis-identification of known fauna, mis-interpretation of purported bigfoot sign by mostly unskilled and/or amateur field investigators are causative factors for widespread belief in the existence of bigfoot. One example — recent multiple sightings of a large hairy, non-human bipedal creature in the panhandle area were investigated within a few days of the events with no physical evidence observed or collected. All of the reports were either on or adjacent to improved roads (making easy access by a potential hoaxer). Several reports of hair samples near sightings were reported second hand but samples never surfaced even after multiple attempts were made to the supposed possessors. Many examples may be posted on this site documenting the extent of hoaxing and mis-identification by unskilled field investigators. Further, no compelling evidence has yet been documented correlating supposed bigfoot behavior such as certain vocalizations, rock or stick throwing, or wood knocking. All are based entirely on speculative premise with no scientific documentation. In fact, all can be explained by more probable natural, known causes.

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