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Are We on the Verge?

Published by under Current Events on October 12, 2010

A new teaser for a documentary – the Erickson Project (Adrian Erickson) is on the web now, one that I have some personal information about.  I have spoken to people familiar with the project and who have seen some or all of the video evidence they intend to show in an upcoming documentary.  One, the owner and director of the BFRO is convinced the footage is of actual sasquatches.  The other, a well-known scientist studying the subject, did not seem as convinced.

Some of the footage is of one on its back, apparently resting or sleeping with the rising and falling chest clearly visible as it slowly inhales and exhales.  Another is a close-up of an apparent juvenile that is peering around a tree where the face is clearly visible and details on the eyes, nose and mouth are evident.

I cannot say one way or the other and have not personally viewed the footage.  Here are the claims – you decide:

Click link below –

Sasquatch the Quest

Do the Skeptics Hold the High Ground?

Published by under Current Events on September 9, 2008

In case you haven’t noticed there are a number of “skeptics” who have written on the subject of bigfoot with a hypothesis (of sorts) that all bigfoot related sightings, and what might be considered “soft evidence” – scat, hair, tracks, etc. can be attributable to an innate desire for believing in something bigger than yourself.  An unfulfilled psychological need, in other words because in their own words – “There is no such thing as bigfoot”  Note comments in Wikipedia by Daegling and Crane under “View of Scientific Community”.

It is an interesting hypothesis.  However, it is anything but interesting science.  Oh, not that it might not be true in some or in many cases.  But in all?  How could you possibly know?  Simply because it does not match your idea of what the world ought to look like?  Granted, if we had a body or if we had fossil evidence we wouldn’t have this dilemma would we?  It would be identified and we would know of its existence.  And we would feel good and safe and comfortable because after all, we would know that we have explored all of this North American Continent and would be content in our understanding of its’ vast wilderness areas.  Which of course would mean we know all there is to know.

I don’t mind people writing on the subject.  In fact, I probably agree with them more than I disagree.  What I find disturbing is not the skepticism.  That, in proper dosages is downright healthy.  It is the cavalier attitude that taints their writings by the assertion that so many people -thousands, in fact – many of impeccable character, over a period of hundreds of years, having reported seeing a similar thing, must ALL be sorely mistaken.  It would be one thing if that one thing they were reporting was some tiny creature that was so reclusive and rare that no one could get a good look at it.  Or if it was something always viewed at a great distance where its form might easily be confused with something else.

The problem is that this is entirely different – in many cases there are multiple witnesses with corroborating details.   In others, there are clear, close views, sometimes in broad daylight, other times through the assistance of a rifle scope or field glasses.  All having a suite of similar characteristics.  A couple of which stand out like a sore thumb – 6 to 8 feet (or taller), hairy creature walking or running on two legs.

Science cannot prove a negative, especially this kind of negative.  Sure, there is a place and scientists have a right, no an obligation, to attempt to explain why a persistent phenomena appears to be so widespread.  But science also has a right, rather an obligation to go where the evidence leads.  Absolutely there is mis-identification of known animals, faulty judgment and bad memory that can come into play. Bad evidence should be rejected.  But some evidence does seem to be good evidence and does tell a consistent story.

Let me offer an alternative hypothesis to the hardened skeptics who claim moral superiority by declaring ALL the witnesses wrong.  May I suggest that bigfoot is an actual entity and that those who cling to their dogmatic assertion of the negative, have proven their emotional rather than scientific investment in the subject and are therefore in fact, those whose psychological need has been revealed.  I can’t say what that need is – I don’t pretend to be a psychologist.  But it wouldn’t surprise me to find it has something to do with a need to not have something bigger than oneself exist in the world.

My plea to my colleagues and to the scientific community at large is to strive to cultivate an atmosphere of on-going discovery and inquiry keeping a proper amount of skepticism so that science may venture further into the unexplored realms of our physical universe.  In so doing, we will taste the rewards of the expansion of our limited understanding and knowledge and gain a greater appreciation and fascination of this wonderful world.

What a Wonderful World


Published by under Current Events on June 21, 2008

I was recently listening to the current happenings in the BF world via George Noory’s Coast to Coast Radio program or should I say “chatter” about the program. It seems that a “Steve from Ohio” called into the show and had clear photos of a bf family with some kind of connection to the head of a national bigfoot organization.

Surprise, surprise. Those pictures have been posted on the Coast to Coast web site and are, just as expected, “clear” photos of a bf family. Too bad the clarity is in the sight of the poster. Another example of either outright fraud or what I call sasquatchitis, a mental condition which causes untrained and inexperienced outdoorsmen to see bigfoot in the shadows and vegetation of outdoor photographs. It is much like how people are fooled by well-known optical illusions where something appears to be present when in fact it can be demonstrated to simply be an illusion.

They seem to be expanding proportionally to the diminishing of hunting or other outdoor activities which build observational skills in the outdoors. In fact, there appear to be many educated individuals who have succumbed to this mental state so it is not a reflection of intelligence or lack thereof as much as it is a reflection of the lack of observational skills developed as a result of many hours of studying movement in the forests such as one learns early in life if taught to hunt small game for example.

Further it is compounded by not realizing or desiring to realize that common animals are much more likely to be encountered than rare animals and exponentially more than unclassified animals. Therefore, the likelihood of encountering a bf or seeing or hearing bf sign is very remote. They will not be behind every leaf or twig, unless of course you have succumbed to sasquatchitis.

Please visit this site often to get a dose of reality and see just how infrequent credible reports actually are. It will keep you from seeing a bf in your backyard every night or perhaps in your closet.

Ok, I know you are curious so here is the photo of the bf family from the Coast to Coast show:

Bigfoot Family

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