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Relationship Between Bin Laden and Bigfoot?

Published by under Uncategorized on November 13, 2008

If Osama bin Laden is alive as CIA chief Michael Hayden suggests in a report today on ABC News.com, what hard data does the government have to make this assertion?  Obviously, none of us common folk will be receiving that information even if it is available.  Most likely though, those assertions are based upon cryptic intelligence data that is anything but what many of us might consider hard data.

Source: ABC News.com

When was the last time Osama has been seen and confirmed to be alive?  Better yet.  Why hasn’t the U.S. or our allies captured or killed bin Laden in these seven (7) years since the events of September 11?  They don’t know where to look? They haven’t really been trying?  We don’t have enough troops?  We lack the technological sophistication or intelligence?  All of these, at least as explained by the U.S. government are not the answers.

So just what exactly is the obstacle that has frustrated the most technologically competent entity on the face of the planet for seven (7) whole years? Get this – “the rugged and inaccessible” terrain of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area and get this – “the fact that bin Laden has worked to avoid detection”.

Now, assuming you believe this – and I have no good reason to doubt that it may in fact be true – is it so remarkable that there may be a creature who like bin Laden travels “rugged and inaccessible” areas and “works to avoid detection” such that it has remained unclassified to modern science?

As hard as bin Laden has been to flush out even with unprecedented technology, funding and skilled special forces, bigfoot is seemingly just as hard.  But really has there been anything close to a concerted, well equipped, well funded, adequately staffed, long term scientific research project conducted to prove its existence?  Is it any wonder, really, if a creature resides in places where most people don’t, is intelligent and skillful enough to see before being seen, and is deemed a scientific impossibility, that we haven’t yet captured our “man”?

Something to ponder.

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