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Published by under Uncategorized on January 30, 2009

Another mystery solved.  Another suit hoax – this time caught on a game cam.  There are numerous examples of hoaxes, almost no examples of real bigfoot.  I can’t go into details as I have signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding the photograph and its location, but I am at liberty to tell you that when things don’t add up, they don’t add for a good reason.  Someone is not telling all they know, or they are purposely misleading you or they have been misled.

Suit There is a fellow who posts numerous photographs shot at random (actually there are several people doing this) in areas where either sightings or other evidence has supposedly been collected and intimates that the shadows seen are actually juvenile and adult bigfoot.  There is another fellow who is using some of this information to produce a documentary further suggesting these illusions produced by the combination of  shadows and out of focus vegetation are bigfoots.  The first person I presume to not have a working knowledge of interpretation of photographic evidence; the second person, a college professor, should certainly know better.

I notice some people have a sort of laissez faire attitude about these folks and could care less whether the shadows are actual bigfoot or whether they are just shadows because to them it represents a diversion from the ordinary.  It becomes a source of entertainment much like the so-called mediums who rake in big bucks to make you think they are communicating with your lost loved ones by a trial and error guessing game where they use probability and genetic hints to their advantage (and to your disadvantage since they take your money and lie to you at the same time) and for your entertainment.

But no matter they say, truth and error are relative anyway.  So no harm done.  So they think.

I have yet to meet a person who is happier and better off after knowing he or she has been cheated.  But that is exactly what these frauds are doing by giving you an illusion of one thing when something else entirely is going on.  It is called taking advantage of someone by using their knowledge over your ignorance in a particular area.

Frauds, we should all expose them for who they are.  Harmless they are not.

As far as the game cam photo – that appears to have been some harmless fun probably by some courageous or drunken teenagers.   Harmless that time at least, since the guy or gal in the suit apparently wasn’t shot.  With all the bigfoot hunters out there these days, the next guy may not be so fortunate.

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