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Significant Evidence

Published by under Uncategorized on December 15, 2008

Real animals give and sometimes leave evidence of their presence.  What evidence of supposed bigfoot activity does one expect?  The animal has not yet been classified by science, much less been given even a cursory outline of its natural history.  Its foraging, communicative and mating behaviour for example, is therefore undocumented.


There are numerous reports of loud screams, howls and other ape-like sounds associated with bigfoot encounters.  There are also reports of rock or wood throwing incidents and wood knocking.  There is however, at present no validated photographs or video of a large hairy, bipedal animal making sounds, throwing objects or using a club or stick to bang on a tree or anything else for that matter.

On the other hand, there are numerous examples of bigfoot encounters with physical evidence left in the form of a track or trackway.  Prints, in other words. Footprints. Large footprints. If you suspect an encounter or have been told of an encounter with a large hairy bipedal hominoid, one of the first signs you should look for are prints or other signs of its trackway.  Here is a story that involves the recording of a large hairy bipedal hominoid on surveillance video tape: Oklahoma Sasquatch Re-enactment For a complete account of the story see: Bipcast 4 Follow up investigations by a well known biologist studying the bigfoot phenomenon revealed large foot prints and a lengthy trackway in the immediate vicinity.  Further a “Class A” sighting occurred after flushing a hiding hominoid from its cover.

Whether real or not, the alleged story of the now missing surveillance tape of the assumed sasquatch was accompanied by other evidence of its presence including foot prints and a trackway.  Just what you would expect from a large bipedal hominoid.

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