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New BF Footage – Thermal Imaginery

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There are claims being made of a bigfoot being captured with thermal imaginery in Wisconsin (BFRO Report #24265).  From screen shots being published on some well known bigfoot web sites, there appear to be no obvious indications that would lend credence to such a claim.  For example, the size of the subject is said to be around 5 feet in height – clearly in the range of the normal distribution of the population of juvenile or adult Homo sapiens.

Further, because of the distance from the thermal imager and vegetative cover hiding most of the figure, no details as to limb lengths or other features appear to be discernible which could be subject to various types of analysis.

Finally, an expert thermographer has done an initial analysis indicating that the subject is most likely a human (edited – with or) without clothes and is thus, clearly a hoax.  Is this surprising to anyone?

Example of Thermal Image Obtained from Google Search

But assuming there is more to the story which would provide additional data ruling out a human (edited – either clothed or) in his or her birthday suit, wouldn’t it be wise, given the current climate of the subject of bigfoot to hold one’s tongue until verifiable data would rule out the obvious?

If bigfoot “researchers” want to be taken seriously, they should at least provide enough data that could be independently verified by various experts in appropriate fields of study that could lend supportive or corroborative details, prior to the publishing of such claims.

Assuming media attention is the motive for making such premature claims, it is rather amazing that rigorous scrutiny and accompanying documentation remain absent. It is almost certain in this climate, barring that documention, that the obvious goal – media attention – will remain as elusive as the supposed juvenile sasquatch.  Fool me once shame on you…

Do the Skeptics Hold the High Ground?

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In case you haven’t noticed there are a number of “skeptics” who have written on the subject of bigfoot with a hypothesis (of sorts) that all bigfoot related sightings, and what might be considered “soft evidence” – scat, hair, tracks, etc. can be attributable to an innate desire for believing in something bigger than yourself.  An unfulfilled psychological need, in other words because in their own words – “There is no such thing as bigfoot”  Note comments in Wikipedia by Daegling and Crane under “View of Scientific Community”.

It is an interesting hypothesis.  However, it is anything but interesting science.  Oh, not that it might not be true in some or in many cases.  But in all?  How could you possibly know?  Simply because it does not match your idea of what the world ought to look like?  Granted, if we had a body or if we had fossil evidence we wouldn’t have this dilemma would we?  It would be identified and we would know of its existence.  And we would feel good and safe and comfortable because after all, we would know that we have explored all of this North American Continent and would be content in our understanding of its’ vast wilderness areas.  Which of course would mean we know all there is to know.

I don’t mind people writing on the subject.  In fact, I probably agree with them more than I disagree.  What I find disturbing is not the skepticism.  That, in proper dosages is downright healthy.  It is the cavalier attitude that taints their writings by the assertion that so many people -thousands, in fact – many of impeccable character, over a period of hundreds of years, having reported seeing a similar thing, must ALL be sorely mistaken.  It would be one thing if that one thing they were reporting was some tiny creature that was so reclusive and rare that no one could get a good look at it.  Or if it was something always viewed at a great distance where its form might easily be confused with something else.

The problem is that this is entirely different – in many cases there are multiple witnesses with corroborating details.   In others, there are clear, close views, sometimes in broad daylight, other times through the assistance of a rifle scope or field glasses.  All having a suite of similar characteristics.  A couple of which stand out like a sore thumb – 6 to 8 feet (or taller), hairy creature walking or running on two legs.

Science cannot prove a negative, especially this kind of negative.  Sure, there is a place and scientists have a right, no an obligation, to attempt to explain why a persistent phenomena appears to be so widespread.  But science also has a right, rather an obligation to go where the evidence leads.  Absolutely there is mis-identification of known animals, faulty judgment and bad memory that can come into play. Bad evidence should be rejected.  But some evidence does seem to be good evidence and does tell a consistent story.

Let me offer an alternative hypothesis to the hardened skeptics who claim moral superiority by declaring ALL the witnesses wrong.  May I suggest that bigfoot is an actual entity and that those who cling to their dogmatic assertion of the negative, have proven their emotional rather than scientific investment in the subject and are therefore in fact, those whose psychological need has been revealed.  I can’t say what that need is – I don’t pretend to be a psychologist.  But it wouldn’t surprise me to find it has something to do with a need to not have something bigger than oneself exist in the world.

My plea to my colleagues and to the scientific community at large is to strive to cultivate an atmosphere of on-going discovery and inquiry keeping a proper amount of skepticism so that science may venture further into the unexplored realms of our physical universe.  In so doing, we will taste the rewards of the expansion of our limited understanding and knowledge and gain a greater appreciation and fascination of this wonderful world.

What a Wonderful World

Is Bigfoot Reasonable – A New “Scopes Monkey Trial”?

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Here is an interesting story. Perhaps VERY interesting depending upon whether an eventual court rules civilly, criminally or both. Watch it, then entertain the following thoughts:

Here are two attorneys on Megan Kelly’s “Megan’s Court” program on Fox News. Each have different opinions on the outcome of a presumed case. What I find the most interesting about this potential fraud case or cases is that a court may end up deciding whether the plaintiff under a legal doctrine of “reasonable reliance” is justified in his claim of being defrauded of his money.

While I am not an attorney nor do I profess to have any legal expertise in this area, judging from what these attorneys are arguing over, it appears that the issue is whether a judge would ultimately decide that the plaintiff had reasonable reliance upon the representations of the defendants as being true.

This begs the question of whether it is reasonable to presume that someone might have in their possession a presumed hominid that does not as yet, at least in the eyes of science, exist. The possibility or probability of the existence of such a hominid would likely be determined by expert witnesses that may be called by either party. Are there any expert witnesses when it comes to an unclassified hominid?

Certainly, a few names pop up including Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Dr. John Bindernagel, Dr. Estaban Sarmiento, and a few others who have taken risks by either authoring papers on the subject or going public with their views of the possibility, even the probability that an unclassified bipedal North American ape may exist. On the other hand, there are many scientists who have gone on record stating that there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of such a thing.

It has the potential, in my mind, at least, of being a rather extraordinary case that could establish a sort of showdown on a “monkey” issue – think Clarence Darrow vs. Williams Jennings Bryan in the famous Scopes Monkey Trial from 1925. While quite a bit different, it has many similarities and is certainly just as emotionally charged a topic as the issue of evolution/creation.

Of course, much depends upon the actual contractual arrangement between the parties.  I have yet to see information on the details of that contract.  We will have to wait and see if that becomes available.

No More Attention to Georgia Boys & Biscardi

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This is the last reference that will be made to this story.  There are too many lies, too much bravado, DNA analysis proving it is not a bigfoot (CORRECTION: DNA anlysis not proving anything due to, among other issues, that the source is unknown as Curt Nelson reported that there was no chain of custody of the sample) and NO evidence of a body.  See Autumn Williams excellent summary of the history of Tom Biscardi and the two knuckleheads from Georgia claiming to be bigfoot trackers here.

Biscardi Press Conference

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I just watched the press conference live on Fox News (internet).  The claims are still just claims, but they are being made apparently very sincerely by both the “Bigfoottrackers” – Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, and Tom Biscardi.  They claim to have a real bigfoot body, close (“about 50 feet”) photographs of living ones that were “paralleling” them apparently during the retrieval of the body and DNA analysis from some of the body tissue.

Still no body presented for viewing and no chain of custody on the sample of the body (from intestines) but according to Biscardi, the DNA results done by Curt Nelson (he did the analysis of the sample collected from screw boards by he and Jeff Meldrum – aired on MonsterQuest sometime last year) have resulted in 1) human 2) undetermined and 3) possum.  Explanation for the possum is that it may have ingested one.

This is an interesting story and one that appeared to have hoax written all over it, but the jury is still out, I suppose until the “body” is studied by credentialed scientists.

Stay tuned.

Bigfoot Body Discovered?

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Claims of the finding of a Bigfoot body are just that – claims.  Photos being circulated in the press do not appear to be genuine but rather some type of suit.  One website seems to have discovered the source of the suit and has posted a link to a site showing the suit.

Here is the link to the site where the suit can be purchased:


The pursuit of evidence continues.

Purpose of This Website

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You may have noticed the plethora of web sites devoted to sasquatch, bigfoot and what some term as other paranormal phenomena, as if an unclassified flesh and blood animal constitutes what would be defined as “unusual phenomena or experiences that lack an obvious scientific explanation”.  To many, the lack of sasquatch bones, fossilized or otherwise on the North American continent, or any ape bones for that matter is reason enough to discount the possibility that a North American bipedal ape may actually exist and yet be unclassified by modern science.

Fossilized chimpanzee bones (teeth) were only recently (2005) found and interestingly, were discovered in an area previously thought to be unsuitable for chimps.  Scientists generally thought that chimps did not live in the arid Rift Valley of Africa but would have preferred more fertile and moist areas with dense vegetation such as in the Congo or the jungles of western Africa.

Much, I think of what we think we know of our evolutionary origin is subject to much debate as much of it is replete with missing data.  What we do find in the fossil record is also subject to much speculation and various possibilities.  What would the scientific world make of the discovery of a bipedal North American ape, for example?  Perhaps we are on the verge of discovery of that very thing.  Perhaps it is still a ways off.

In any case, Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo.com fame is sticking his neck out and speculating that there is a good probability that the two Georgia “Bigfootrackers” have indeed found an actual sasquatch body and are set to conduct a press conference on August 15, 2008 where they will share their discovery (at least some information anyway) with members of the press.

Some of the details released are reported on Coleman’s web site and include a height of 7’7″, a weight of over 500 lbs. with a 16.75″ long foot and a 5.75″ wide heel.  The hands from the index finger to the palm are 11.75″ long and 6.25″ wide.  The eyes are blackish-grey and the hair is red.

Mr. Coleman mentioned that part of the evidence he has seen is visual which has been part of the reason behind his confidence.

Off the bat, I would say this is very consistent with the evidence we have collected in Florida where tracks were found that were consistently 14-16 inches in length and about 4-6 inches at the heel (a few were larger and one was much smaller).   In addition, I estimated the one individual I saw to be about 7-8 foot tall.  Further, hair discovered on a barb wire fence in the immediate area of the sighting was reddish brown in color.

Whether the claims are real or a hoax may not be known for some time due to the care that needs to be taken to examine the purported body.  Apparently, a team of experts will be conducting detailed analyses.  Again, we will wait and see.

In the meantime, if you have had a sighting of a creature that meets this general description, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email.  Your name and location will remain as confidential as you request.

BBC Wildlife Magazine Poll

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In my June 21, 2008 post, I noted that there is an increasing number of mostly younger adults participating in bigfoot expeditions or “research” as indicated by numerous public forums and private websites. Experiences from those ventures or outings are posted showing that there is an increasing lack of knowledge of the natural world. Hence, much confusion and mis-identification of common animals occur regularly and persistently. News from the British online version of The Independent today reveals that BBC Wildlife Magazine has conducted a poll and found among other things that half of youngsters aged 9-11 were unable to identify a daddy-long-legs or an oak tree.

I have for most of my career in the environmental field been critical of the attitude among some “environmentalists” who have a misplaced sense of passion for the environment while simultaneously having a contempt for families (human, that is). There are many who show blatant contempt for humanity (themselves always excluded of course) and particularly replacements (children) because of their misguided passion about “saving the environment” and seeing people as the problem.

What is ironic, of course, is given the level of focus and attention on the natural world that our young people are getting from environmental education from as early as pre-school, that they would be so disconnected from their natural environment. I believe that this pervasive, militant environmental attitude, if left unchecked will continue to further erode an appreciation of nature among young people, the very ones who will be left as stewards of the planet they inherit.

It is critical therefore that we pass on attitudes which reflect people valued as resources, not degraded as mere consumers and that we cherish children so that they value that which we see as precious.

If children (ours or others) do not receive respect (not pandering or appeasement), they will certainly disdain that which their elders see as valuable, to spite them if nothing else. This translates to disrespect for the natural world around them including the millions of acres of publicly owned land in this country. Let’s not let that happen. Love (respect and cherish) a kid today. Our future depends on it.

Current State of Bigfoot Reseach

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I suspect there are many people, who are convinced of the existence of a large hairy bipedal ape-like creature many refer to as bigfoot, who wonder to what extent progress is being made with respect to solving the mystery of the creature’s existence.  There are a number of bigfoot organizations/individuals who are actively attempting to capture or kill an individual in order to prove its existence and perhaps gain some personal profit and notoriety in the process.

I suspect someone may be willing to put up some good money to have one in their possession.

I recently stumbled upon a website in Georgia that boasts of a police officer and his buddy who say they are releasing photos and video of a bigfoot body they have in their possession.  What strikes me about the claim is that either the officer will need to produce the evidence on their said date of September 1, 2008 as promised, or one said officer will no longer be employed as a law enforcement officer…in Georgia or anywhere else for that matter.

It seems readily apparent that pulling a hoax like that will no doubt secure his quick and immediate retirement from the line of work where credible testimony is at the heart of the job.  So, many who follow these kinds of things are waiting perhaps not very expectantly that September 1st brings about a new revelation about these mysterious creatures.  We will see.

On some well-known bigfoot sites, participants of expeditions regularly report that they have witnessed bigfoot either by the naked eye, through thermal images or night vision lenses or have heard their calls which are described as screams, howls or moans.  As seemingly commonplace as these occurrences are becoming, it is telling that no clear recent recordings or videos are posted on these same websites, nor is there detailed scientific analysis.  One is left with some interesting anecdotal information about seeing or hearing something…just what that something is is anybody’s guess.


A Youtube search reveals extensive “real bigfoot” videos but no one seriously takes these at face value.  The only clear, daytime footage that has received intense and persistent scientific scrutiny and yet remains a potential candidate for being an actual unidentified animal resembling what has been called sasquatch or bigfoot is the Patterson/Gimlim 16mm film from 1967.

One wonders why, with all the effort of numerous groups and organizations, albeit mostly eco-tourism type or other “for-profit” ventures (funny how they generally want to sell you something or take your money for your assistance with their “research”), that there is so little physical evidence collected.  Hey, how about paying me for my assistance with your “research”?  Now there’s a novel idea.  Actually, it is not so novel.

Generally when a scientific research effort is undertaken to explore new areas or seek out rare or elusive species, significant funding coincides with such effort including hiring of locals for packing in and out or to function as guides in remote and geographically challenging areas.  If you have seen the Planet Earth series you may have seen the snow leopard footage and watched the “Diaries” portion that shows the extent of time, effort and equipment it took to get that footage.

My guess is that apart from some happen-stance encounter, it will take an extended period in remote or difficult terrain or impenetrable forests with a sizable budget to gain clear convincing footage.  In the meantime, the collection of data such as footprints, hair samples and scat will aid in the advancement of knowledge of its habitat, diet and travel corridors.

Persistence, time in the field, experience, and collaboration with leading scientists while providing a clearinghouse for local reports is what Florida Bigfoot Researchers bring to the table in our quest to begin unravelling the mysteries of this exquisite and elusive creature.


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We speculate based upon our own observation and collection of data in various parts of the Southeast, particularly Florida, that the population is very minimal and may only consist of a few family groups within the state.  Part of that speculation is based upon the number of individual tracks witnessed over a 3 month period in 2006 compared to what has been observed over the last two years.

In addition, it comes from the relative paucity and poor quality of reports posted on other web sites that result in an inability to discern whether those reports are misidentifications of known animals or outright hoaxes.

We remain hopeful that our continued investigations and responsiveness to potential legitimate Hotline calls will result in further collection of data and will eventually provide clear, photographic evidence as we use and keep current with the latest technological capabilities.

Overall, the investigation into the possibility of the existence of a bipedal ape-like animal appears to be gradually producing results in some areas of the country as more week-end warrior investigators are going out in the field with better sensing and recording devices.  However, because many of these amateur or non-skilled investigators are not familiar with the natural history of local wildlife, they may misrepresent or misinterpret sightings, sounds, calls, tracks, scat, hair or other evidence observed or collected in the field.  This is of particular import as many of these observations are conducted nocturnally which further increases the chances of misidentification.

Even skilled biologists with years of training can misidentify sounds at night being echoed, muffled or distorted from thick vegetation, atmospheric conditions or distance.  That is why using state-of-the-art technology combined with years of experience with local flora and fauna and reading animal sign and tracks in the forest has uniquely positioned Florida Bigfoot Researchers to be THE FIRST RESPONDERS when it comes to potential sasquatch or bigfoot activity in the State of Florida.  Our team of highly skilled individuals including our professional biologist collaborating with one of the top scientific researchers in the world, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum of Idaho State University through his North American Ape Project, gives us a unique advantage over any other so-called “bigfoot research” organization.

In addition, while we are open to the idea of the existence of an undocumented bipedal North American ape, we are close-minded to the idea of these creatures being anything but flesh and blood animals.  This is based upon physical evidence that we have documented, particularly tracks including one showing clear skin ridges.

If you have found large human-like (but clearly not human) tracks, seen an unusual and unexplained large, hair-covered, bipedal animal or know of someone who has, please give us a call at

1-877-3BIGFOOT (1-877-324-4366) OR EMAIL US AT

Both you and your report upon your request will remain confidential.  We have no interest in sharing the location or your name with any entity and will provide you with any level of confidentiality that you may desire.

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