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LATEST SUBMISSIONS FIRST –  THESE ARE BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS THAT HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED WITH WITNESS INTERVIEWS OCCURRING EITHER IN PERSON, BY PHONE, OR BOTH.  WE BELIEVE THE WITNESSES ARE TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE EVENTS THEY DESCRIBE.  UPDATE: After investigating further, we have determined some of these to be invalid due to inconsistent or  problem testimony of eyewitnesses (Highlands County and Tate’s Hell accounts).  Some of the others may be mis-identifications of known animals.

October 1993 – NEAR SUWANNEE RIVER, SUWANNEE CO. – Luraville, Florida.


Ill start with the first encounter. It was the fall of 1993. The later part of Oct. I had just gotten off of work and was taking my afternoon walk like I did everyday. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon when I started off in the woods off of the main grade, which is about a 1/2 mile north of Peacock rd. About 3 miles as the crow flys from highway 51 in a little place called Luraville.

There was about a 1/4 mile or so of scrub oaks and wild brush, on both sides of the little road that I was on before it opened up and dropped down into a depression between full grown oaks on both side of the road. My grandmothers dogs always went with me when I went for my walks and they where in front of me by maybe 5 feet when we first entered the bottom, and I the first feeling that something was out of place.

We were in the bottom for maybe 1 min to a 1 min and 1/2 before I saw the dogs standing rock still, tensed, and looking off to our right. I looked over to the right and it was at this time that I broke out in a cold sweat, and all the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I looked up the hill in the direction that the dogs were looking and i guess it was around 50 yards standing in a little bunch of oaks was this creature. There was little shrubs around the base of the oaks that where 3 to 4 ft tall and the creature was another 4 ft above them, so I would say that it stood anywhere from 71/2 to 8 ft tall. At this time the creature reached out and grabbed 2 of the oaks which were 5 to 6 feet apart and began banging the trees together while making sort of a whooping sound. It was at this time that I decided that I no longer needed to be there so I took off. The creature that I saw at this encounter was 7 to 8 ft tall and covered in brown hair. I knew it wasnt a man in a suit because the trees that it grab and bangged together where 25 to 30 ft tall and 5 to 6 ft apart, and it bangged them together like they were sapplings. i also noticed a real musky order coming from him.

The second encounter happened 3 days later and about 1/2 mile from the first sitting on the other side of the main grade. I had just left my grandmothers from having lunch and was on my way back to work. I was riding a 4 wheeler and decided to cut through the woods by pump springs. i had just past pump springs come out to bathtub springs and started heading north on a little pig trail that runs through the area. There was a hay field on my right and the woods on the left. I was just coming to an area where the woods start to thin out when I notice something brown running besides me about 15 to 20 ft in the woods. I was just about to come into an area where the woods fall away and open up to a lime rock road when I see the creature throw something at me that hits me in the chest. I waited until I got to the end of the road before I stopped. When i stopped I saw that what ever it was had thrown a dead rabbit at me that had been turned inside out. Again I knew that what I had seen was not a person because I was going around 15 to 20 miles an hour and this thing stayed up with me for at least 3 to 5 secounds. What I saw was brown in color, hunched over running it still stood at least 5 ft.

scott music

Submitted: February 22, 2009 by Scott Music, Ozark, Alabama

1981-Christmas break 1986 – POLK COUNTY – Winter Haven, Florida.


It’s been over 22 years, but I still remember the incidents pretty well. Back then I was terrified, but now I realize that I encountered something special and would pay money for the opportunity to see it again.

The thing I remember most is the feeling of my senses disconnected from my brain while the encounter took place. I don’t know if I can explain it, but your eyes always work in unison with your brain and your brain continually processes what you see. On this particular night, my brain could not process what my eyes were telling it they were seeing. I ended up freezing still while my brain was in overload trying to figure out what I was seeing. It’s a very strange feeling that I never felt before or since.

I’ll try to make this as concise as possible without neglecting pertinent info.

A little background…

In 1981, I moved “with my parents” to Winter Haven from Miami. The area we moved to was much less developed and more heavily wooded than it is at present day.

Within weeks of living in my new neighborhood, I befriended several other children my age and we would explore and play in the surrounding woods. At this time there was an elderly couple whose property bordered the woods; their property as well, provided the easiest access to the areas of the woods we liked to go.

One day on our way out of the woods, the elderly gentlemen stopped us in his back yard and asked us if we had seen the hermit in the woods yet. Hermit, we asked? He told us a story about a hermit that lived out in the woods and would come up in the early morning and dig though his trash and make a mess of things. He said that he was short and had very long hair and beard. The old man said that he would chase the hermit away and the hermit would run back into the woods. At the time I just took this as an old man telling a bunch of kids a story, maybe trying to scare us.

Soon after settling in to our new home, I began to hear what I can only call screams. Very very strange screams/yelling coming from the wooded area near our home. Now, I was from Miami and had no idea what a wild animal might sound like and I just assumed it to be such. The screams were heard probably 1-2 nights a week and always between probably 11pm to 4am. They would start and go on for about 10min, then stop for about 30min and start again. I would ask my friends if they would hear it and they would tell me yes and that their parents told them it was a cow or pig out in the woods. I knew no better and just brushed it off. This went on for a few years. Sometimes it would sound closer “and louder” than others. I became used to it and eventually wouldn’t even hear it.

I ran across this – http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/sounds/ORBF_OH_howl_94.mp3. It is extremely close to what we heard and I get chill bumps when I hear it. It sounds like someone in pain and is very eerie to say the least.

leel1286Now for the actual sighting…

Christmas break of 1986. By this time, my friends and I were a little more mature and would actually camp out in the wooded area around our neighborhood. We probably spent dozens of nights out there over the years. Odd, now that I look back; we never heard the screams while we were camping out in the area “perhaps whatever was making the noise knew we were there and laid low.”

On this particular night, there were 4 of us all together. It was around 8pm and we realized that we might not have enough fire wood for the night, so a friend and I grabbed the flashlights and headed out into the woods. We were probably 200-250 yards from camp when we heard what sounded like a bird coming from the right of us at about 50 yards away. It was a loud weird bird call that I have never heard before. We found this interesting and it seemed to be coming from near ground level; so we decided to see if we could find what was making the noise.

Upon approaching, it stopped. We looked around for a few minutes, found nothing and lost interest; only to have it start again when we were back to where we were when we first heard it. This peaked our interest once again and we started on our way back to where it seemed to be emanating. Of course, again it stopped. Losing interest again we turned around and continued back to where we were. This time however, at the moment we turned around, I noticed an object about 25 yards in front of us “the exact area we just came from” that seemed out of place; I didn’t remember it being there before.

At first look “and in the dark of the night” it looked like a tree stump, but there was no tree stump there before. Then I remember saying out loud “what is that.” At that time, both my friend and I shined our flashlights on it and whatever it was, stood up. It was about 5’ tall and somewhat thin with grayish “ash color” hair maybe 2” long covering its entire body.

At the precise moment it stood up, it turned to our right and began to run. I must add that the direction it ran took it through a large patch of sugar sand. When it hit the sugar sand, it didn’t even seem to slow down. It ran through the sugar sand faster than the fastest human could run on a hard surface. At the edge of the sugar sand patch were palmetto bushes. Once it reached the palmetto bushes; it dove head first into the bushes and we could hear it scurry off. After the effects of shock wore off, we ran like little girls back to camp and then home. We never camped out there again and even going out there in the day light was not as fun as it once was. I always felt like I was being watched.

I can not say for sure we witnessed a Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Skunk Ape. I can not even say for sure that this is the creature that was called a hermit “by the old man” or the one responsible for the screams over the years. All I can say is, we witnessed a bipedal creature about 5’ tall maybe weighing 90-100lbs that was more athletic and agile than any human I have ever seen, it moved very fast. Its arms and legs were long in proportion to the rest of its body and it was covered in about 2” of grayish fur/hair. The whole incident form the time it stood up until the time we couldn’t hear it any more through the palmetto bushes lasted about 7 seconds.

Submitted: February 2, 2009 by Lee L., Lakeland, Florida

February 1994 – POLK COUNTY – Winter Haven, Florida.


Woman reports seeing 7′ tall auburn colored hairy creature standing by the side of the road near a patch of trees next to a swamp. She hits hi-beams and witnesses the creature at as close a distance of 10 feet while slowly (10-15mph) driving on a rural paved road. Woman shaken up and tells husband who prompts her to return to the area with him while he exits car and looks around with flashlight. She crouches on floor of car waiting for husband to hurry and get back in car. Nothing more is found or noted. Woman clearly sees details of creature including face and makes sketch.

Not long after (about a month), the family and a neighbor hear very loud noises in the trees near the house they have never heard before sounding somewhat like a motor. They investigate and do not see anything but keep hearing it growling. They then notice a neatly laid out string of garbage leading down to the creek to the east. About the same time a neighbor reports one of his dogs being killed. The husband says that the creek leads up north to the Green Swamp.

sketch of bigfoot

Sketch by Katie Achenback, All Rights Reserved 2008

Submitted: June 12, 2008


April 2008 – LIBERTY COUNTY – Tate’s Hell, Apalachicola National Forest, Florida.

Man reports that two women (one of whom works for his sister-in-law) reports seeing 9′ tall hairy bipedal creature walking across road and into swamp in early morning about 7:30 AM about 75 yards in front of car.

Submitted: April 2008

August 2004 – HIGHLANDS COUNTY – Sebring, Florida.

Man reports seeing 8′ plus tall dark muscular bipedal creature coming up out of ditch and then walking across road in front of car about 100 – 150 yards away at 3:00 AM as he is passing through from his girlfriend’s house on a regular route. He notices eyes reflecting in headlights and assumes deer as it is in ditch on left side of road appearing about 4 feet off ground. But as it moves out of ditch and onto road, eyes are now remarkably high and he sees outline of two-legged creature as it takes 3 steps and is into woods on right side. Man drives up to where it entered woods, stops truck and notices bad pungent smell. He shines Q-Beam, 1 million candle-power spotlight into woods and immediately following, he hears a very deep roaring sound followed by two short grunts and a branch hits the bed of his truck with a loud noise, leaving a noticeable dent. The branch lands in bed of truck and is 2-3″ in diameter and has number of green leaves attached, apparently just broken off tree. He estimates that stick had to be thrown from 10-15′ away due to location of forest canopy and thickness (any further back and stick would not have clear line of sight). Man, very shaken drives off.

He reports incident to park ranger later in morning. Florida Bigfoot Researcher, upon being contacted by man via Website contacts park ranger who confirms story and states that hairs of mans’ arms are standing on end as he recounts harrowing experience. Researcher later meets man to take photos of truck and they drive to site in researchers’ Hummer.

Man, a talkative gentleman, suddenly quiets down as they get near the site and is noticeably unnerved as he has not come this way since the incident, some 3 years prior. Researcher notices mans arms with very large goosebumps as they approach spot where he had sighting and attempts to calm man down.

truck dentCrossing at Night

Up from the Swamp

Above: Top Left – Dent in Vehicle, Top Right -Location of Crossing, Lower Left – Ditch Location Where First Sighted, Lower Right – Location of Stick Throwing

Submitted: December 2007

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